Witches and Wizards are people specially qualified to make physical contact with dragons. In order to become one, a person must pass an exam and work for Wing Bind. Unqualified civilians who make physical contact with dragons are sentenced to one-hundred years in prison or receive the death penalty under the Dragon Contact Prohibition Law.

Reverse London

Reverse London is the city that exists on the “reverse side” of London. Only the denizens of Reverse London can see dragons. Witches and wizards that work for Wing Bind use a special coin to travel between Front London and Reverse London.


Dragons are fantastical beings that only the inhabitants of Reverse London can see and interact with. 72% of all deaths in London are said to be dragon-related. Dragons are generally mild mannered and do not attack people unless they are hungry. Dragons in protective captivity are called “Light Dragons” and are used to produce essential resources like electricity, fuel, water, crops, and medicine.

Dark Dragon

Dark Dragons have an aggressive personality, but they weren’t born that way. If an ordinary Dragon gradually absorbs the negative emotions of the humans it spends time with, these emotions can accumulate and transform the Dragon into a Dark Dragon. Dark Dragons possess an intense curiosity for humans, while actively preying upon them as well. Therefore, Dark Dragons must be exterminated when they are found.

Wing Bind

Wing Bind, also known as “WB”, is an organization located in Reverse London which specializes in the conservation and management of Dragons. The organization is made up of witches and wizards who protect and manage Dragons and exterminate Dark Dragons. Wing Bind consists of eight squadrons: the Inks Magic Squad, the Anthems Cursed Singer Squad, the Sacreds Holy Squad, the Sabers Tactical Squad, the Patchworks Development Squad, the Pipers Flute Squad, and the Gallows Divine Discipline Squad.

Pipers Flute Squad

Pipers Flute Squad is a Wing Bind squadron responsible for a wide range of tasks– including farming dragons for human consumption and caring for the Dragon Possessed. Members of Pipers Flute Squad can be recognized by their shepherd's plaid cape and their flutes called “pipes”.

Sabers Tactical Squad

Sabers Tactical Squad is a Wing Bind squadron whose job is to exterminate Dark Dragons. Whenever a Dark Dragon appears, the Sabers Tactical Squad members take initiative and move out to exterminate it.

Dragon Possessed

An ordinary person becomes a “Dragon Possessed” after prolonged exposure to Dragotoxin, a substance that accumulates in the body after experiencing physical contact with dragons. "Doragon Possessed" is commonly known as a sort of illness that affects people who have spent extended amounts of time near Dragons. Those with this condition are said to attract dragons.

Dragon Contact Prohibition Law

The Dragon Contact Prohibition Law is a Reverse London law established in 1609.The law was invented to protect both humans and dragons. Violators of the law are sentenced to one-hundred years in prison or face the death penalty.

Dark Dragon Lockdown

The Dark Dragon Alert goes into effect when a Dark Dragon appears in the city. As the Dark Dragon Alert is activated, certain parts of the city are blocked off for the purposes of protecting the civilians and clearing the streets for a swift kill.

Top of Horns

The Inks are a Wing Bind squadron whose job is exterminating Dark Dragons. The Inks are known for their potent fighting technique in which they release powerful magic . Bruno Bangnyfe is the head of the Inks squadron.

Cecil Die Twice

Cecil Die Twice is a very popular London-based girl band. The leader of the band, Ninny Spangle, is also known for her work in commercials. The band recently shocked the world with news that a member of the band would be leaving.

Wing Bind Headliners

The Wing Bind Headliner is a column in the Reverse London Press newspaper that features the most active Wing Bind member of the day. If the story is big, it’ll get a full, front-page spread.

The Realists

The Realists is a tabloid magazine available in print and online which covers entertainment news. Ninny, the outspoken leader of the band "Cecil Die Twice", is a popular target of the tabloid for her role in a controversy concerning one of the band’s resigned members.

Crown Council

The Crown Council is an assembly hall in Wing Bind where the Top of Horns meets to discuss policy and reach resolutions on the most pressing issues.


The Inks are a Wing Bind squadron whose job is exterminating Dark Dragons. The Inks are known for their potent fighting technique in which they release powerful magic . Bruno Bangnyfe is the head of the Inks squadron.